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   Rope Construction
Twisted rope is usually constructed with 3 strands, It is spliceable and is available in virtually every type of rope fiber. This is the most common rope construction for general-purpose use.
Diamond braided rope is also known as hollow braid. This rope is constructed with a hollow center. This rope can be spliced in just seconds and is available in various synthetic fibers.
Double braided rope is actually two braided ropes combined into one rope. A braided core is covered with a braided jacket to produce a strong, easy handling rope. This rope is spliceable and is available in various synthetic fibers.
solid braid rope is a firm round rope that works well on blocks and pulleys. Its name refers to the special lock-stitch construction of the rope. Solid braid rope does not unravel when cut, unlike other types of rope construction. It is available in various synthetic fibers.
Hollow core is a type of braided rope that has a hollow center and is made of polypropylene.this rope is exceptionally light and is very easy to splice.
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 Paracord Bracelet

 Paracord,also know as parachute cord and  550 cord,is an extremely useful survival  tool.Paracord is essentially nylon rope that  has been interwined to make it  stronger.Standard 550 cord contains seven  strands of nylon cord within it, and has a  minimum breaking strenth of 550 pounds.

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