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  Ropes Master is a private brand under the company of Ropes Master Manufacturing Co. Ltd.. Our manufacturing plant is located at Xiegang, Dongguan which is 45 minutes away from Shenzhen City and 60 minutes from Guangzhou City.  
  Our manufacturing plant does process of raw material through denier extrusion, re-strengthen, weaving, packaging and merchandise display packing. Our products have been shipped to major customers in North American, Europe, as well as Australia for more than 12 years.  
  Our material range includes natural and synthetic natural fibers, namely sisal, jute, cotton, polyester, polypropylene, nylon, and dyneema in all kinds of construction such as twisted, solid braid, hollow braid, diamond braid and elastic cords.  

Innovation, quality assurance, on-time delivery and competitive prices are our principles, which are always our driving force to become much stronger to meet our customers' requirements and satisfaction.


The recent innovative designs of the ropes including our unique braided construction of "GLOW-IN-THE-DARK", "REFLECTIVE"  and "Paracord" which gain a very high reputation in the market.


We welcome your visit to our factory and develop more cooperative opportunities for mutual benefits.

Latest products
 Paracord Bracelet

 Paracord,also know as parachute cord and  550 cord,is an extremely useful survival  tool.Paracord is essentially nylon rope that  has been interwined to make it  stronger.Standard 550 cord contains seven  strands of nylon cord within it, and has a  minimum breaking strenth of 550 pounds.


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